Reduces Hair Breakage – Many pillowcases are made of cotton or cotton blend fabric, which can grab delicate hair strands and cause breakage. The Satin Wonders® finish allows hair to glide over the fabric minimizing hair breakage.

Maintains Moisture Balance – Natural oils are found on the scalp and are uniformly distributed along the hair shaft with the simple act of combing or brushing the hair. The Satin Wonders® pillowcase allows hair to breathe and decreases the absorption from hair to pillowcase thus maintaining proper distribution of oils.

Protects Hairstyles – By allowing hair to flow naturally over our special material, hair tangling is reduced and hairstyles are protected.


Superior Materials and Design – Our pillowcases are made of 100% trilobal polyester textured satin. Even after repeated washings, our pillowcase minimizes shrinking, stretching and wrinkling. Satin Wonders® haircare products are designed to provide superior quality satin, unlike other acetate haircare products.

Our Pillowcase Closure:

Our “Safety Flip” construction keeps the pillowcase on the pillow without the use of a zipper.


Satin Wonders® has been in business since 1999. We are dedicated in offering high quality satin haircare products to the salon industry and to our on-line retail customers. We believe in our product so much we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Policy.

They will not deteriorate after repeated washings or lose their desirable silken texture.

If you are not completely satisfied, please return the unused product in its original packaging along with a receipt within 90 days of our shipping date. You will receive the complete purchase price less shipping and handling.

No refunds, exchanges or credits will be given on products beyond our 90 day return policy.

Exchanges will be honored on used products only in the event of a manufacturer’s defect.